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  • What should I expect from my jetted bathtub?
  • Why is a bath heater necessary on my jetted bathtub?
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  • What is the benefit of CRH™ technology on my jetted bath?
  • What else should I know about jetted bathtub heaters?
  • What is a "Heater Ready" bathtub?
  • Can a heater be added to my existing jetted bathtub?
  • Can I install a heater myself?
  • Will installation of a heater on my bathtub affect my warranty?
  • What size heater do I need for my jetted bathtub?
  • Where can I buy a Certified Real Heat™ heater?
    In a word, pleasure. The magical combination of hot water, swirled together with pulsating air, massages the body, relaxes the muscles and sends the cares of the day packing. Whether you have aches and pains pleading for therapeutic pampering, or just the desire to relax and unwind, a jetted bathtub can be your personal spa sanctuary; a warm pool of pleasure that beckons you to settle in for a prolonged stay.
    Unfortunately, the same mixture of air and water that makes a jetted tub so inviting, also causes the water to cool 60% to 80% faster than a traditional bathtub without therapy jets (see the accompanying chart). A tub with a bath heater eliminates the rapid cooling of the water, providing you with a constant balance of soothing hot water. The longer the water stays at the proper temperature (the Comfort Zone) the more you enjoy your bathing experience.
    The length of time you linger and sooth your body is dependent on your comfort level during your bath. The Comfort Zone is the temperature that does not allow the body to become chilled or too hot. A jetted bath heater that utilizes the 100% efficiency of Certified Real Heat™ technology, automatically maintains the bath water between the comfortable temperatures of 102.5°F and 104°F degrees. It totally eliminates the need to add additional hot water; allowing you to just settle back, relax and and enjoy the solitude of an uninterrupted soak.
    Without a 100% efficient bath heater you’re forced to continually add more hot water to your jetted bath. This usually means draining some cooler bath water to make room for the added hot water, causing your domestic hot water tank to work overtime. Over years, the savings in both energy and water consumption using a Certified Real Heat™ bath heater can be substantial, and far exceed the cost of the heater.
    The moment you activate the therapy jet pump, the Certified Real Heat™ bath heater activates automatically and begins to maintain the Comfort Zone temperature. There are no controls to set or forget to turn off. If the temperature is slightly below the Comfort Zone when the jets are activated, it takes only a moment for the heater to achieve the desired warmth of the Comfort Zone.
    It's the assurance that you are receiving the maximum value for your jetted tub investment. With a bath heater employing Certified Real Heat™ on your jetted tub, your investment will pay dividends in relaxation, health, pleasure and most of all, energy savings for many years to come.
    There are alternative technologies that claim to offer the same benefits as Certified Real Heat™ bath heaters. None compares. The high efficiency rating, safety and performance of Certified Real Heat™ bath heaters is unmatched by any alternative heating mechanisms.

    Think about it; would you ever consider heating your coffee water to the correct temperature using your hair dryer? Look for the Certified Real Heat™ seal on your bath heater to be sure you are getting the absolute most for your jetted tub investment.
    Although not all jetted bathtubs come with a heater as original equipment, many of the leading jetted bathtub manufacturers realize that a bath heater is a desirable upgrade. More and more manufacturers are shipping all their bathtubs with the exclusive “Heater Ready” fitting. This fitting is essentially a threaded blank in the plumbing that allows for the simple installation of a Certified Real Heat™ heater without cutting into the plumbing. So if you’re not convinced your jetted bathtub needs a heater now, adding one at a later date is easy. Click to Companies that offer CRH for a list of manufacturers that provide all their bathtubs with a factory installed heater as an option or with the Heater Ready fitting.
    Yes. Hydro-Quip makes compact inline heaters that can be installed on the suction or pressure side of your plumbing, as well as a Tee shaped model designed to attach directly to the circulation pump outlet port. These are available for 1”, 1-1/2” and 2” pipe diameters. If your bathtub has room above the circulation pump or a minimum of 7” of straight pipe, and access to a 120 Volt 15/20 AMP dedicated electrical circuit with GFCI (Ground-Fault-Circuit-Interrupter) protection, a Certified Real Heat™ heater can be added to your existing jetted bathtub.
    If you are comfortable tackling home improvement projects the answer is most likely yes. The best way to determine this is to go to the Technical section and download the Installation Instructions. This will help you determine whether you should install the heater yourself or call in your plumbing professional.
    No. As long as the heater is installed according to Hydro-Quip’s installation instructions, the Federal Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act stipulates that it is illegal for a manufacturer to void a warranty because of the addition of a third party part unless that part is the direct cause of a manufacturing defect.

    Since Hydro-Quip heaters are supplied as original equipment on thousands of jetted bathtubs every year they are totally compatible with the materials used by every jetted bathtub manufacturer.
    If your new bathtub is coming with a factory installed heater, proper sizing has been taken care of for you. Additional sizing information is available in the Heater Models section of the web site.
    Because product performance and safety are our primary concerns, our bath heaters are available only through plumbers, or kitchen and bath retailers. Whether you plan to do it yourself or have a heater installed for you, your professional specialist will ask the right questions to insure you are getting the proper model for your application.