What is the secret to experiencing the ultimate therapeutic potential of your jetted bathtub? It’s the maximization of the stimuli to the body and senses. With a Certified Real Heat™ heater on your jetted bath, you’re surrounded by the soothing tonic of warm water and pulsating air for as long as you wish to linger; immersed in your personal comfort zone.

Free to relax at length, your muscles experience the pleasure achieved when the body is released from the effects of gravity’s constant pull. Soak for twenty minutes or more and your pores open and the body begins the process of cleansing itself of toxins stored deep within the tissues and organs.

The addition of flickering candle light and the aromas of favorite scents help the mind to relax and wonder, complimenting the massaging, stress releasing therapy of the bath.

  Relaxation of mind and body allows both to heal naturally, rejuvenating your physical and mental being. Is it any wonder that mineral baths and hot springs have been revered since ancient times; or that spas and jetted bathtubs are so popular today?

Make the most of your jetted bath investment. Do the little things that turn your bath into a healthful, recuperative experience. Make it a ritual. Your body and your loved ones will thank you.